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Please note that we are currently not accepting new affiliates to join the program.

Please write to [email protected] to be added to our waiting list.

Policy for Affiliate Discount Coupons

This policy is created with the intent of giving OSP affiliates the option of offering special discount coupons to their website visitors. Restrictions are, however, put in place to avoid discount "tourism", to ensure that Affiliate Discount Coupons do not "dilute" pricing for OSP products and that they do not compete with the official OSP discount coupons, nor that they undermine the apparent and perceived quality of our products.

  • Affiliate Discount Coupons are created upon request by an affiliate.
    •  The coupon is created for the requesting affiliate ID.
    •  All sales made using this coupon are automatically attributed to the affiliate ID.
    •  Example: If a customer comes to us from Affiliate A but uses the discount coupon from Affiliate B, then Affiliate B will receive the commission.
  • Each affiliate can request and receive a maximum of 1 discount coupons every 6 months.
    •  Each affiliate discount coupon has a maximum duration of 1 calendar month and always start on the first day of the month. Example: July 1st until July 31st.
    •  Affiliate discount coupons cannot be extended beyond 1 month duration.
  • The official OSP discount coupons have priority and no "competing" affiliate discount coupons are created.
    •  Example: If OSP is already offering a discount on The Agile PrepCast for the month of July 2014, then no "competing" affiliate coupons for The Agile PrepCast will be created during this time.
    •  This protects the affiliate, because OSP usually offers higher discounts on it's own discount coupons, so customers are more likely to use the OSP discount and so the affiliate would loose out.
  • A maximum of 5 affiliate discount coupons can be active in the same month.
    •  If a 6th affiliate requests a discount coupon then it will be created for the next available opening.
    •  OSP maintains a "waiting list" for affiliates and their requested discount coupons.
  • Affiliate can only request 1 discount coupon at a time and must wait until their current discount coupon expires before requesting another one.
  • The maximum discount for a coupon is as follows:
    •  $10 for a single product (i.e. $10 discount on The Agile PrepCast)
    •  $15 for a bundle of products (i.e. $15 discount on PM PrepCast / Simulator bundle)
  • The discount offered is taken out of the affiliates commission.
    •  Example: if the gross commission would be $30 and the discount is $10, then the net commission paid to the affiliate is $20.

Please note that this discount policy will be effective starting July 31, 2013.